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Key submissions enquiry

Good day,
Thank you for the submissions video over Zoom, sorry I missed it because of technical challenges but managed to watch it on youtube. Having said that may I clarify, the following questions with you?
1. Does the size of the dataset influence my chances of winning? Let's suppose I've worked with a dataset of about 10GB but the graph solution has got broader scope and impact. Will the fact that I've used 10gb instead of say 50gb or 100gb affect my chances of winning?
2. Does the submitted graph solution require a visualization overlay such as a website or some other data visualization tools, in order to win?

Thanking you in anticipation,

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    Hi Bethel, Great questions! The judges will score all projects on the below criteria and each criteria has a maximum point value of 25 associated with it. Check out Ambitiousness below as it mentions graph data size and then Applicability mentions real-world use which might relate to your second question.

    The degree to which the graph solution betters people’s lives via positive impacts in one or more domains. This includes: Reach (number of people helped), Value (social/economic benefit), & Depth (addressing root issues)

    The degree to which the graph solution offers either a novel approach to the problem or a novel use of graph. This includes: Novelty (new way to frame complicated problems with graph) & Creativity (resourcefulness in overcoming challenges)

    The degree to which the graph solution pushes the boundary of scale and scope of graph to solve real world problems. This includes: Schema scope (graph schema size), Scale (graph data size), & Functional scope (coverage of functional features)

    The degree to which the graph solution is ready to be adopted and applied with reasonable resources and investment. This includes: Adoption (ease of putting the solution into real-world use) & Breadth (number and size of industries that could adopt this)

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    Thank you.

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