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11 months ago

Today’s the day!

Today's the last day to submit your project built with TigerGraph to solve a real problem... You can do this!!!

Submission deadline = Wednesday, April 20 at 11:45 pm (ET)

10 hours left to submit. Submit your project now. Might as well save it early… A rough draft is better than nothing!!

Submit your demo video. Remember the major requirement is a 3-minute demo video. Make sure it is public and playback is allowed on other platforms. Your video should include a complete walkthrough of your project and explain the real-world problem it is solving.

 Give access to your Code. Provide a URL and access to your GitHub code repository. Your repository should include all your relevant project code and a README with getting started instructions that allow others to test your project (here is an example). Provide access by making your code public or sharing access with devposttesting and TigerGraph-MDC GitHub accounts. 

Write a description. Be sure to explain how your project meets the below categories:

  • The Most Impactful Solution
  • The Most Innovative Use Case of Graph
  • The Most Ambitious and Complex Graph
  • The Most Applicable Graph Solution

Leverage support. Resources are all here. Community and staff are in the TigerGraph Community to answer all your questions.

Final stretch here…finish strong… happy building!!!